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This program provides authorized U. S. government personnel costeffective, preemptive access to unclassified highresolution satellite imagery. EnhancedView is designed to promote collaboration within the U. S. government for national security, homeland defense, and disaster and emergency response situations. To purchase High Resolution and Medium Resolution Satellite Imagery including: WorldView1, WorldView2, WorldView3, WorldView4, QuickBird (60cm), GeoEye1, IKONOS, Pliades 1A1B, SPOT 67 and RapidEye pricing IKONOS, Quickbird and Geoeye Imagery A satellite marvel in 1999, IKONOS was the first satellite granted a commercial license in America.

However, IKONOS1 never made it Sep 19, 2014  GeoEye1 is an example of fourband (RGBN) multispectral imagery. The fourth letter, N, refers to a particular wavelength of nearinfrared light. If you purchase a GeoEye1 image, your file will come with all four bands Featuring the oldest, halfmeter multispectral satellite imagery archive, there is GeoEye1 data dating back to September 2008 in some locations.

New Data Collections With secondgeneration satellite agility, GeoEye1 is an excellent choice for new collections, particularly ones oriented in an east to west direction and for stereo imagery. C. Searching for GeoEye Imagery GeoFUSE is GeoEye's online archive of imagery captured by the IKONOS and GeoEye1 satellites.

Using this interface, an area of interest can be specified in several ways as described below. The minimum order area for archive imagery, for all sensors, is 25 sq.

km with a 2km minimum order width To receive archive pricing, QB, WV2, WV1, GE1& IK imagery has to be older than 90 days in archive. Geocento was established in December 2011 as a result of a conviction that the exploitation of earth satellite images is being constrained by difficulties that users face in locating, selecting and then accessing the imagery for the wide range of The GeoEye1 satellite sensor is a highly sophisticated commercial remote sensing system, featuring a threeday revisit time and the ability to locate an object within three meters of its location.

Satellite Imaging Corporation acquires and processes satellite imagery from this groundbreaking sensor. The GeoEye1 satellite sensor features the most sophisticated technology ever used in a commercial remote sensing system. This sensor is optimized for large projects, as it can produce over 350, 000 square kilometers of pansharpened multispectral satellite imagery Using DigitalGlobes current and highresolution imagery, they addressed longstanding mapping problems, including spotting encroachment and creating street guidesand township maps where they did not exist before.

15 Free Satellite Imagery Data Sources. List of Free Satellite Data to Download. Free Satellite Imagery A Listing of Earth Observation Data Sources Available to the Public at no cost.

Master the art of attaining LiDAR at no cost with this list of 6 free LiDAR Geoeye imagery cost sources. Remote Sensing GeoEye1 can image up to 60 degrees off nadir. It is operated out of Dulles, Virginia. At the time of its launch, GeoEye1 was the world's highest resolution commercial Earth

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