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Apr 27, 2018  I am having trouble inserting a PDF in to a word document. 2 If step 1 doesn't fix the issue, try to disable Protected Mode, Open ViewOffOK Open the Word document and insert the images into the document as you normally would. a. How can the answer be improved?

[Solved Can't insert a photo into Word formula to insert pictures from another file into excell Insert a row based on a calculation inserting a new row if a condition is true [Solved insert document information then number of words in a footer Power Point 2010 hangs up when inserting a jpg picture. Jul 17, 2012 Unrestricted the document, you can insert fine. I even tried creating a simple two page document.

Section 1 protected, section 2 not, and you cannot insert a picture into the supposed unrestricted page. The sections with fields and text that should not be changed are protected. The sections where others may changeadd information are unprotected. When you protect the document go to Editing Restrictions, click on allow only this type of editing in the document, select Filling in forms. Then click on select sections just below. Feb 22, 2005 In Word 2003, I want to create forms that will be document controlled but need to have the ability to enter pictures on them as part of the fillout of the form?

How can you do this? There is no such thing as a" picture form field" ? The form will be" protected" as a form, and we cannot allow it to be unprotected to enter a picture. Mar 02, 2011  protect an image in a Word Document WE have letters that halfway through will be an image of a signature (wrapped to show dotted line below).

I have used continous section breaks above the image and below the image and protected Mar 04, 2008 We actually found that in 2007, you can unprotect sections of a document. Allow user to insert image(s) in a protected form. Sponsored Links Indeed, leaving one or more sections unprotected is the easiest way to deal with this. But note that an unprotected section can be edited freely by Fortunately, this article will introduce you two easy ways Insert image protected word document how to insert a PDF into a Word document.

Method 1. Insert PDF as an Image; Method 2. Insert PDF as an Object; Method 1. How to Insert PDF to a Word as an Image. If you do not like the attached PDF file showing as an icon, you can insert PDF in Word as an image to show thumbnail When you open a protected document, Word restricts what you can change based on whether the document owner granted you permission to make changes to a specific part of the document.

The Restrict Editing task pane displays buttons for moving to the regions of the document that you have permission to change. I am setting up a form in MS Word. Users of the form will have to attach files that include results and other relevant data.

I'd like to use a protected form, but I can't find a way to allow users to insert these objects into the form.

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